Renew your lease

It’s that time of the year when students are making plans for living arrangements for the next school year.  We already have a number of people who are interested in living at the Commons but we give our current tenants priority in leasing their current apartment/townhome before offering it to someone else.  Please discuss your plans for next year with all your roommates and let us know your plans by filling out the form below.


For keeping your apartment for next year: Filling out the form below by November 15  and signing leases by November 30, will ensure that you will be able to stay in your current apartment or town home.

For freezing your rent: Sign your lease by November 30 and your rent will remain the same for the next academic year.

Each person will need to have a check, money order or credit card in the amount of $100.00 in order to sign the lease. This amount will be deducted from your first quarter’s rent.


The Commons Lease Renewal Form